Try It Out

You can download the zip file from the link on the Download's page. It contains both Yull.exe and YullG.exe (the Console and GUI versions), along with some folders containing practice source files, a Guide to Yull pdf, a READMEFIRST text file and a start YullOptions file.

Why would I want it?

Is it better?

What happens if I don't like it?

Is Yull Government Approved?

The Name's Kind of Weird. What's Up With That?

A Security Note

I used the File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05. and ran it this way, in DOS (the CLI) or Powershell, for example:

fciv -sha yull.exe

The numbers and letters you get for yull.exe (or any hash) should match what is here.

You will find information on fciv from a web search. You can go directly to this page:

Microsoft Support for FCIV

Also, if you are comfortable using Powershell, you can validate the SHA256 hashs by executing this from within Powershell:

The zip file contains 115 test files in the SAMPLESOURCEFILES folder which are useful in getting up to speed with Yull without impacting your own data.

The files in the source folder are various types: ASCII, non-ASCII (i.e., just binary data), 0 length files, tiny files, etc.

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