All downloads for this site are on this page. Generally, we offer two types of downloads: the zip file and the corresponding file in HXA format.

Please validate the downloaded file's checksum is the same as the respective checksums found here.

You can examine a file's checksum by running this program:

fciv -sha program name and examining the output.

If the long series of numbers and letters are identical to the ones here, the file is probably identical to one generated by me.

You will find information on fciv from a web search. You can also go directly to this page:

Microsoft Support for FCIV

Yull: The Encryption App

Monobits: How many 0s and 1s in a file

IsRandom: Determine if a file is random or not

Yull-Reg (Register Yull with Explorer)

Resizer: Change the size of any file

Histogram: Output a histogram of the values in a file

FComp: My version of File Compare

HXA: Convert any file into HexAscii

RandNumGen: Generate a file of pseudo-random numbers

TextFromFile: Extract the readable ascii text from any file