What is Yull?

Yull is a desktop file encryption application which runs on Windows. It has two flavors: the command shell version, yull.exe, and the GUI version, yullg.exe.

How do I try it out?

Go to the Downloads page and click on the link for the latest version of Yull.

This will download the Yull compressed file (ending in .zip) to your default downloads folder.
Depending on what is installed on your system, you can double-click the file and unzip it using either Zip, 7-Zip or RAR or other applications.
You can copy Yull.exe and YullG.exe to any location you want.

See the Guide for more information on how to set up Yull.

No Installation

After you unzip Yull.exe and YullG.exe, you need only copy them to wherever you want. If you decide Yull is not for you, you can just delete them. There is NO INSTALLATION with Yull and NO CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET. So whether you download Yull from this web site or just copy it from a friend, it's all the same.

Of course you should always validate your zip file and Yull using FCIV. See the Note on the Downloads page.

Quick Overview of Yull's Features

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