Alkemi protects your clear-text conversation with someone else whether over email, instant messenger, text messaging, forum posts, even over Twitter and stops any one without your permission from being able to know what you said.

ALKEMI keeps private communications private.

ALKEMI does not keep a history, does not contact the Internet, and there is no backdoor.

ALKEMI is not Government-approved. Or, as far as I know, Government-disapproved.


Step One: Put text into the Original Text Box. You can type it in or paste from a source of your choice. Any language is OK. Any character set, like English, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and others, are OK. And you can mix them up, say, Hindi text with Japanese and English, if that serves your purpose.

Step Two: Click on Set Key and add a key. The key is just letters, symbols and numbers. Again, like in Step 1, any language is OK, any character set is OK. You can also mix them up if you want.

Step Three: Click on the right pointing arrow.

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How to Run Alkemi

Using Alkemi With Email

When you DE-ALKEMIZED your data, going the other way using the left-pointing arrow, the data is also automatically copied to your clipboard so you can immediately use it in other programs.

Again, this is just text. Weird text, perhaps, but just text. Here it starts with the number 5, followed by 2 then D then 2 then A, etc.

Anyway, it is just text. Plain old text, which you can email anywhere, text anywhere, Messenger anywhere.

Because it doesn’t look like anything of interest, email providers who care about how to monetize your data will not be able to pry into what you write. Note the Hexascii data is much longer than the original data. Over 2 times as long.

Even though ALKEMI is fast, it does a LOT OF WORK!

That short message just above went through over 400,000 encryption routines.

Once you receive your data, perhaps like that interesting email, you just copy it from wherever and paste it into the Alkemized Text box in the application. Using the SAME KEY, click the Left-Pointing arrow. How you get the key is not part of the program. That’s for you and your friend to decide.

Alkemi Not Restricted to the English Alphabet

Really, it's just three steps:

Enter your data

Select or enter your key

Click the right-pointing arrow

Or the Left-Pointing arrow to get back the original text.

Each Time You Alkemize the Results are Different

So, now you know how easy it is to use Alkemi: Enter text, enter a key and click. And you know that each time you Alkemize text the result is different. And you know that you must keep your key secret. And you know you can email or text or use messenger to send Alkemized text to anyone who knows your key because, it is just text.

When The Key Is Lost or Forgotten

Keep The Alkemized Text Unchanged

Encryption and Decryption are very exacting!

But there may be a solution to this.

Corrupted alkemized text can happen during transmissions, like email or perhaps by someone accidentally pressing a return key, or adding a space at the end, something not really visible. So…

The Clean Alkemized Link

How Safe Is Alkemi

Alkemi runs on Windows 8 and 10.

Version 1.06.2: If you want to see the number of characters in the Original Text box and Alkemi processing times and number of encrypts it uses, create a file where Alkemi.exe resides called "devmode.txt". It doesn't matter what is in this file, just that this file exists. Alkemi will look for this on start up and should it exist, Alkemi shows these values when running.

Version 1.07.1: New: Auto Create button for the Key. If you are uncomfortable or unsure creating a key, click this button. It will create a 16-character key for you. The key can be used immediately. The key is immediately in your computer's clipboard so save it somewhere because if you use the key to Alkemize some text, the Alkemized text will replace the key in your clipboard.

Version 1.07.14: Simplified interface. Encryption is NOT compatible with previous versions. Better help.

Version 1.07.16: Prevents dealkemization of corrupted text.

You can email us (me) at:

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